Feeding Your Hair What It Really Craves – Organic Thermal Pro

Recently it was recommended that I check out this product, by the folks at, called “organic heat protectant spray.” I’m impressed. Granted, my review of the product is based on the website and the research that is presented on the website, but I’m not new to the game, either. First, what is Organic Thermal [...]

Tips to Preventing More Damage to Your Hair

We all may want gorgeous long, healthy hair, but it can be difficult to achieve when your hair is brittle, dry and damaged. Although you can’t completely reverse the damage once it’s done, there are few tips that you can use to can use to make your hair appear healthier, and protect any new hair growth from future damage.

5 Secrets To Safe Hair Straightening

Hair straighteners are one of the best investments women can add to their arsenal of hair styling tools. Nevertheless, as much as women want to achieve frizz-free, sleek tresses every day, the dangers that long-term use of heated hair styling tools can cause are dreadful, as they are the very things that women of all ages have been trying to evade.