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12+ Essential Items for Your Makeup Bag

Many of us already know what we carry in our makeup bag (or loosely in our purses) and know what is important to us. Recently, I chatted with Lisa Gibson, Hollywood Studio Makeup Artist and asked her what she carries in her makeup bag and what she recommends. Her list surprised me. Many of the [...]

High Heel Help: Tips To Prevent More Pain

You love your high heel shoes, but you don’t probably don’t love the pain that comes along with wearing them. Don’t worry you don’t have to give up wearing your favorite pair of heels, if you know a few tricks to making wearing high-heels shoes more comfortable.

To Blush Or Not To Blush

Back in the day, no makeup routine was complete without a dose of hot pink blush. The modern world has changed all of that though, with most women rarely using rouge to accentuate their cheeks. Blush can be a beneficial makeup solution, but only if it is applied correctly. Otherwise, it can make a great face look like a bad mask in an instant. Here are some rules to follow when using blush so you can make it work to your advantage.