Chantecaille “The Evening” Duo Review

If your eyes are your favorite feature and you really want to enhance then consider an eyeliner and eyeshadow duo that is small enough to fit in your pocket, like Chantecaille The Evening Duo that would be perfect for like the name suggests, an evening on the town.

Tips to Preventing More Damage to Your Hair

We all may want gorgeous long, healthy hair, but it can be difficult to achieve when your hair is brittle, dry and damaged. Although you can't completely reverse the damage once it's done, there are few tips that you can use to can use to make your hair appear healthier, and protect any new hair growth from future damage.

Review of Radiance By Britney Spears

While some perfumes might have a cute, sexy, or glamorous essence about them, Radiance by Britney Spear's has more a light, romantic essences. Invision roses and chocolate when you think of this perfume. Sweet, warm, airy and a little bit sensual.

Three Tips for Less Pain While Tweezing

Generally achieving a fabulous pair of eyebrows requires grooming such as tweezing. However, you probably dislike the pain, that accompanies tweezing. Although often pain is beauty, it doesn't have to always be painful to tweeze your eyebrows, with a few tips you can still have those, neat, well groomed eyebrows with less pain