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Are you wanting more people to view your content,  looking to improve your klout score, or just simply get more social media shares? If you answered "yes" then, then you could benefit from a site called Viral Content Buzz. Although you can't "buy" social media shares you can still earn them, by collecting credits. Viral Content Buzz is like a "marketplace" for social media shares. In the ancient days a man might have had exchanged a fish for a loaf of bread.  In this "virtual marketplace" you can exchange say, a Facebook share for a Tweet.

In A Nutshell This Is How Viral Content Buzz Works:

1) You share another user's content, and are rewarded with credits

2) You collect credits (which is kind of like having a virtual bank account).

3) Submit you own content to be shared by your fellow VCB users

Viral Content Buzz


Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Viral Content Buzz

You can share articles on StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Goggle Plus. Some of the newer features now allows you to connect more than one Twitter account so you can get even more points and share even more content.

Be sure to connect all you're social media networks. If you have all your platforms connected you don't have to log into many platforms in order to share, just read that article, then go back to VCB chose a platform to share it on and voila, that article is shared to the social media platform, and you almost instantly receive credits (the only platform that requires you to have to log in is pinterest, since in order receive credits you need to copy the link of your pin). If you want you even have the option to either log in using Twitter or Facebook.  Once you reach the login page, you simply click on the Facebook or Twitter Icon,  and you are ready to start sharing!

When you log in you sort by category, so if you are looking for an article about shopping, just go under the" fashion and shopping" category and the articles that you like or you think your friends and followers would like to read. If you find that you do not want to share someone's project you can click the hide button and then you can no longer view that project when you log in to your account. This is extremely helpful so that you don not waste time trying to remember if you wanted to share the article or not. When you do find an article that do want to share you also have the option of the being able to schedule sharing later, or to buffer.  For example, what I like to do this like to is, log in once a week and schedule the next week's tweets in advance, this way followers are able to have constant flow of content to read throughout the week.

Skyrocket Your Social Media Sharing Stats

Gone are the day when sit around waiting for someone to discover and hopefully share my article.  Now I know exactly were to place it, so that it will receive plenty of attention, and is very likely to being shared on social media over and over again.

Once your project is approved it is ready to be shared. Once you run out of points you can earn more, refill the points needed to share your project (s) again and again. When you run out of point it means that  you don't have any more point to give to people for sharing your content, and that you'll have to go and earn more.

Depending on how many points you amass you, you can have your article placed on the front page. ( I belive it is 30 credits is all it takes). Benefits? Your content is more viewable and therefore can lead to more shares. When people log in your article will be one of the first things they see.

Another feature that I love about VCB is the option to include your twitter handle so that when your article is tweeted, it helps to increase your klout score. This is one feature I highly suggest that you don't over look, be sure to check the "retweet me" box when submitting your projects. You'll probably be very glad that you did when you check your klout score.

Lastly, be sure to check out your projects and see were and when it was shared, you can click on the link and see who pinned your article, who tweeted or who shared it on Facebook.  Personally once I find this information I like to return the favor and share one of their projects and follow them on their social media platforms.

Are You Ready To Get Busy Sharing Your Buzz?

Now you might be thinking; "Well all this sounds just great, but it must be extreamly costly to have a membership that allows my content to be potentially shared by tons of people." Wrong! It is free to set up an account and submit your articles to be shared (just be sure to share other people's articles as a form of like "social media currency.") However, if you do decide you want even more features you have the option to upgrade to a pro membership. Either way if you chose the free membership or the pro membership you have the ability to have your content shared on multiple social media platforms, and along the way you will also be able to discover new articles, authors and blogs.

Model, social media junkie, beauty and fashion blogger, and makeup enthusiast.

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Model, social media junkie, beauty and fashion blogger, and makeup enthusiast.

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  • Sabra January 26, 2014, 9:34 pm

    Great post about viral content buzz. I just found this site a few days ago, and I am so glad I did! I also like Triberr, and have been on that site for a while, but I think this one might be my favorite!

    • Marisa January 27, 2014, 11:08 am

      Hi so glad you liked the post and Viral Content Buzz, it is awesome! ;) Triberr is cool too. Really loving VBC’s newer features, like be able to connect more than one Twitter account. VCB really helps to your articles get more exposure and the best part? It is free to sign up and start sharing your latest buzz! ;)

  • Gerald Weber February 1, 2014, 8:51 am

    Marisa, we are really happy to hear that you are liking the new Viral Content buzz features.

    We have largely added most updates based on user input, so be sure to let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

    Thanks again! :-)

  • Kathryn Dilligard May 24, 2014, 7:22 am

    I’m joining Viral Content Buzz then. I need it.


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