Review of Radiance By Britney Spears

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Many of have probably heard of Britney Spears and her various perfumes. Today I’m going to give a quick review of one of her perfumes called, Radiance. Britney Spear’s Radiance It’s not quite the newest perfume by Britney, but it sure has one of the loveliest bottles I have seen in long time. In fact it was the bottle that mainly  influenced me to purchase this perfume in the first place. It is gorgeous!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I found the perfume inside to be as pleasing to my nose, as the stunning, glamourous bottles was to my eye. One word to describe the perfume’s scent, would be floral. It is very floral, but not in heavy, overpowering, way, like you just breathed in the contents of potpourri dish. The floral scent is very light, and crisp. If a floral fragrance not your thing,  I probably should also mention that this perfume has a almost, I don’t know how else to describe it but as a warm, chocolaty aroma to it as well.

While some perfumes might have a cute, sexy, or glamorous essence about them, Radiance by Britney Spear’s  has more a light, romantic essences. Invision roses and chocolate when you think of this perfume. Sweet, warm, airy and a little bit sensual.

Britney Spears Radiance Eau De Parfum Spray 30ml/1oz

Britney Spears Radiance Eau De Parfum Spray 30ml/1oz


The only drawback with this perfume? Its staying power. While the scent is quite enchanting, is also very light and does not have a very potent aroma.  Although,  this would be perfect for say the work place where you do not want your perfume to be too strong and overpowering


I think of spring time when I smell this perfume. It very light and clean, like a clean breeze of pure garden air.  Although while this scent is has just a hint of sensuality (which I think gives it a bit of sophistication over a fragrances geared towards teens only) over all this fragrance still has a very delightfully sweet, and youthful charm.

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  1. Monica P January 11, 2014, 7:05 pm

    I’m not a Britteny fan and I really dislike supporting celebs and their perfumes, but I do love her perfumes (sigh). I have Curious and will buy this forever .. lol.

    I haven’t tried Radiance, but may have to pick this up.

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    1. Marisa January 11, 2014, 8:46 pm

      I don’t always gravitate towards celebrity perfumes either, although I’ve found some have fabulous fragrances. I’ve heard great things about Radiance so I had to give it a try, and loved it. I’ve tried Curious before too, really adore that perfume, its has been like my favorite spring/ summer fragrance this past year or so. It surly one of my top ten fragrances. Would be so sad if it was ever discontinued. lol
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  2. Christopher James June 3, 2014, 5:00 am

    Nice. I’m buying this perfume for my wife then. She’s a massive Britney Spears fan.
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    1. Team Chic Beauty June 3, 2014, 5:47 pm

      Great to hear. Yes, this is an impressive fragrance and worth a try.
      Team Chic Beauty recently posted…Review: Romance Eau De Parfum by Ralph LaurenMy Profile

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