Suffering with Leg Pain? Here Might Be Some Help!

Although varicose vein surgery (Mobile AL) area is available by a vein specialist, if required, there are other alternatives to consider first since leg pain can be the result of a variety of different causes.

An extensive physical exam, a review of the patient’s history, and ultrasound imaging are used in the diagnosis and treatment of leg pain after showing if the veins and arteries are functioning properly. It is necessary to learn if the pain is the result of a problem with the veins, nerves, arteries, lymphatic system, bones, or muscles.

If the suffering is from an artery disease, the degree and amount of the pain are normally chronic when you use the leg muscles. You may experience pain after walking a distance but then find that the pain resolves when you stop and rest. However, the pain often returns when you start to walk again. Musculoskeletal pain is also associated with movement and quickly resolves with rest. Pain from neuropathy is a sensation of tingling or burning and is not normally associated with an activity or with being upright for a long period of time.

With lymphatic or venous problems, legs feel the best first thing in the morning, but the pain is the worst at the end of the day or when you have been on your feet for a while. As the day progresses, the legs may swell, throb, burn, itch, or ache. Poorly functioning lymphatics cause swelling but not evidence of varicose veins.

Effective solutions for the improvement of many leg pain symptoms are usually resting with the legs elevated, exercising, and wearing compression socks. When those don’t work, a vein specialist can find the source of the problem and give you the necessary treatment to get you back on your feet without the pain.

Kitchen Tools: Ensuring You Have the Right Ones for Health

In an article last year, we asked if it would kill us to eat healthily. What do you think?

Well, as a commenter said, no, we won’t die. But, can we enjoy it? How can we do it safely and make it fun and enjoyable?

Before we have fun, we need the right tools. I mean, if you are trying to create a masterpiece, you don’t want it to crumble to inedible mash because you don’t have the right tools, do you? And who wants it to taste disgusting?

So, let’s get that kitchen ready, shall we?

Oh, before we do that, I want to give you full disclosure. I was looking for images to represent what has been discussed and Amazon seemed like the perfect place to find those and not have to pay for stock images. So, this article (and subsequent in this series and others) do include Amazon links.

We also want the freshest ingredients. Again, who would want to go to the trouble of acquiring the freshest ingredients and subject them to a poor selection of kitchen tools?

Fortunately, you won’t need every kitchen gadget out there and you won’t need the newest fanciest gadget, either.

Pots and Pans

Likely you won’t have to go out an purchase pots and pans. You probably have those in your kitchen.

Let’s do a quick assessment. Let’s ensure that our pots and pans are of a heavy gauge. If not, time to visit a kitchen store (or amazon). If so, we are ready for the next assessment.

Why do we need a heavy gauge? It helps to avoid hot spots (inconsistent, poor-tasting food) and making stains on the pan that are hard to wash (that’s important, right?).

Kitchen Knives

A good set of premium knives is important if you will be doing a lot of cooking. You don’t want a knife that will be jagged or cut in a jagged manner. There are numerous reasons why this is the case and it could encompass an article all by itself!

If you cannot afford a premium set of knives, a mid-range set may do the trick and provide you with more time to save the money and find the right premium set to purchase when the time is right.

Another tip, in addition to how the knives cut, is testing the handle. Ensure that it is comfortable in your hand(s). Also, be sure it is not flimsy. From the cheap knives I have encountered (not in my kitchen, btw.. lol) the handle often feels like it is going to come unglued (literally) from the blade. Sometimes, the blade even seems flimsy, like it will bend when used. This is a sign of an inferior knife set and you don’t want that!

It is possible to buy one knife at a time if you have to save money and then use that knife for multiple purposes until you can save up for the rest of the set. Of course, this isn’t recommended, but it is an option if absolutely needed.

One thing that helps meat preparation, as well as taste (because it aids in the tenderizer process, is a jacquard. It is helpful if you find a suitable tenderizer. There is one pictured here…

As with all tools, gadgets, and devices, ensure that you calculate the return-on-investment (ROI). In many cases, the value that these gadgets provide (even in cases of taste and time savings) is worth the expense, especially when the expense really isn’t as bad as it may initially seem.

Cookers, etc.

I have really enjoyed my non-stick rice cooker, as well as my instant pot, which allows me to make several things all in one cooker!

Those include:

  • rice cooker;
  • pressure cooker;
  • slow cooker (like crockpot);
  • steamer;
  • saute;
  • yogurt maker; and
  • warmer.

And, on Amazon, you have the option to get it in different sizes, whatever suits your family and your budget! And, it really is a convenient way to make tasty and healthy food!

Whether you are using a rice cooker, a crockpot, a one pot, you have options available to you, when following their accompanying recipes, to make one pot meals. And, after you get the hang of what works, you can move on to other recipes, as well. For example, if you have a rice cooker, it may be easy to throw the rice and water in and cook it, but you can also throw in some veggies and spices, etc. at the end and make that all-in-one meal for your family!

Other Necessities in the Kitchen

Even though you can buy pre-shredded and pre-grated cheese, freshly grated cheese tastes so much better. So, it is helpful to have a high-quality grater.

Also, a grater helps in other areas. You could grate fruits (citrus) and also spices (like garlic), as well as chocolate and onions (not together of course πŸ™‚ ).

For easy clean-up, even while you are cooking and preparing food, you will want some silicone (non-stick) mats. This may even serve to save the counters and tables from potential staining (like strawberries, cherries, and rhubarb juice stains).

There are added benefits with these mats in being able to use them to roll dough that doesn’t stick. You could also get a pastry mat for large baking projects.

In Conclusion

Decide what you need and purchase the highest quality for your kitchen. This means prioritizing what needs to be purchased now (like pots, pans, knives) and what may be able to wait (like cookers, graters) and knowing when maybe a smaller cooker (as an example) may be better (saving time!) than waiting for the huge cooker. You decide what is best for your efforts, time, family, and budget (not necessarily that order).

Kudos to you. Oh, and stay tuned because we will be specifically covering other Kitchen gadgets (is that the word) in some more articles coming your way πŸ™‚

Eating Healthy Isn’t Going to Kill Us, Is It?

Ok, so let’s chat about the topic of healthy eating. I mean, after all, beauty is not just the makeup, jewelry, and fashion fun, but it also includes our health, eh? So, get ready as we go through a few topics that can get you on your way, especially since we are headed into the colder season here in North America, and this will help you get ready for the bathing suit season in a few months.

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Challenges That Come With Eating Healthy

One of the first challenges that come to my mind, when thinking about eating healthy, is the idea of spreading that love of healthy food to my family. It doesn’t even have to be about the family, but anyone that you choose to consume food with, while dining, watching TV, whatever event. I mean, we have to eat, right? And, we tend to combine it with something, even if that something is the dining event itself.

Now, I may love rice cakes, but how do you think that goes over with my kids who love brownies? Which one do you think they are going to choose?

Healthy eating has to do with balance. What I tell my kids is that it is not about giving up the brownies, it is just about balancing it with some healthy food in between. Can you go 100% healthy food? Technically you could do that. I have had that recommended to me. But, do you want to do that? Well, that is where, personally, I think that you need to allow for a little “cheating.” As a psychology doctoral candidate, to me, that helps us keep mentally sane. And, by the way, I am saying (writing) this in spite of my dislike for brownies. I know, weird, eh? Enjoying a splurge

Good News!

Ok, we already mentioned, “cheating” a bit on the “diet” of healthy food. You know what the other good news is? Not all healthy food has to be about rice cakes! There are some tasty foods that qualify as healthy eating and even “comfort food,” to some people. Let’s see what we can come up with, shall we?

Healthy Eating and the Internet

What is it that we have, that generations before us did not? Ok, there are many things that could fit on that list, but likely you have already figured out the answer, in looking at the heading. We have the internet! We can look up fun recipes and even pin them to our favorite Pinterest recipe boards. (Have you set up any recipe boards? It is a fun activity. Check out my Tea Sandwiches board and my Crock Pot recipes board to see what I mean.)

What About the Cost of Eating Healthy?

Ok, I won’t deny that Ramen is cheap. There are many students who have survived off of Ramen while attempting to keep costs down while attending school. There are others who have done the same for the same reason. And, well, sometimes I have a craving for Ramen. But, not to pick on Ramen (I guess I am), but it is not exactly the best thing for your health.

When thinking about the cost of eating healthy, one has to weight the cost of the health and medical bills later in life. Ok, that is sometimes difficult to think about when you are young, healthy, and either short on money or desiring to spend it on that hot outfit. I get that. Been there. Done that. However, it is good to know that by spending a little bit more on healthy eating, you will reap health benefits later in life. It is hard to say exactly what you, personally, will reap, because there are other factors involved, but there have been so many studies on the subject that it is safe to say that there is some benefit.

Again, balance. I mean, if it is a matter of not eating any food, because of an economic situation, ok, eat the Ramen. Just put your thinking cap on and realize the opportunities for better health in the future, when you have the ability to facilitate that.

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This is a Commitment to Lifestyle Change

Ok, don’t run away yet, with that word, Commitment. I say that because eating healthy isn’t like a light switch. It doesn’t happen overnight or in 30 seconds. It is something that you gradually ease into your life. However, you can ease it into your life at a speed that works for you and your family or friends. If you want to take it slow, take it slow.

My intention was not to make this article about promoting Pinterest, but maybe that is a way to ease this lifestyle thing into existence, by finding those healthy recipes and pinning them to a board and then, when you have enough recipes, time to prepare them (or find a friend to prepare them 😀 ), then start acting on it. Maybe you want to have one night a week be the “Healthy Eating” night. Then you can make it two nights, etc. See what I’m suggesting? So, don’t get scared by the word commitment. Make it fun, like your own party, at your own pace.

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Subtle Changes That Don’t Hurt That Much

Some of the changes have to do with educating yourself. For example, reading the labels on foods at the grocery store. Attempt to purchase less food with fats and oils, as an example.

So you love the butter on your raisin bread? That’s ok, but maybe one “butter pat” less than normal.

This isn’t about eating freezer-burned, dried out mashed potatoes with nothing on them. Honestly, yuck. But, that is just my personal opinion. Again, it is about moderation. If you really can’t cut back on how much butter you use, then find another area where maybe you can cut back a little.

Keeping fitness in mind at

Again, gradual change, at YOUR pace while educating yourself about things like nutrition. Remember, we have the internet on our side, too >> a plethora of resources at our fingertips.

Don’t forget, as you eat a bit healthier; you will feel healthier, and life gets fun when you feel good!

The Best Eyebrow Pencil Ever, Except…

Master the shapely brow. So natural, so easy. So now master shape brow pencil's unique, natural wax formula with subtle color pigments creates hair-like fine lines for the most natural definition, and for the perfect finishing touch, feather through with the soft grooming brush.  *Product description quoted from amazon.

This is seriously the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used. I prefer the Anastasia system for really exotic and beautiful eyebrows, but for those quick touch-ups, there is nothing like this pencil. The only problem with it is sharpening! You cannot peel it. It does twist up. The only solution is a pencil sharpener, but that doesn’t work quite right. However, that is really the *only* solution, to use a pencil sharpener for small pencils and sharpen very carefully. I have found, though, that managing my expectations and just realizing that sharpening is a pain helps me not to be so worried about it and to focus on how exceptional it is. The thing is, I would never purchase something that is this difficult to sharpen if it were not for how wonderful it is, so that tells you something! Also, it is pretty easy on the pocketbook, especially compared to the Anastasia products.