By far, the Caruso Molecular system is my favorite hair setting system. I have used it for years, pampering myself with a new set every few years. The particular product featured here is very convenient as a travel kit. But, even if you have an older set, this set is easier to travel with than it looks. Simply package up the curlers into a gallon size zipper plastic bag and place the dry steam unit into a small plastic bag and pack it in your suitcase. Remember, you do not need all of the curlers you own when you are traveling. With this set, you can always curl a few sections of hair, take the curlers out, and then curl the next sections, with barely any time added to your overall prep time. read more

Marc Jacob's Dot is a very light, floral, and fruity fragrance. This delicate eau de parfum is filled with the essence of a fresh, spring or summer day.

Over the past couple of years the fashion industry has become more dedicated to making more natural and eco-friendly products. Some fashion companies have found innovative ways to "go green " these days, by making small changes in the production of their clothing, and ultimately making great changes to improve the environment.

If you have never tried any NARS lip glosses before and are curious about giving them a try, but can't just choice one color to buy, consider getting a set that would allow you to sample many of their shades of lipgloss. NARS Follow The Boys Lip Gloss Set would make a great starter kit.