Master the shapely brow. So natural, so easy. So now master shape brow pencil's unique, natural wax formula with subtle color pigments creates hair-like fine lines for the most natural definition, and for the perfect finishing touch, feather through with the soft grooming brush.  *Product description quoted from amazon.

This is seriously the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used. I prefer the Anastasia system for really exotic and beautiful eyebrows, but for those quick touch-ups, there is nothing like this pencil. The only problem with it is sharpening! You cannot peel it. It does twist up. The only solution is a pencil sharpener, but that doesn’t work quite right. However, that is really the *only* solution, to use a pencil sharpener for small pencils and sharpen very carefully. I have found, though, that managing my expectations and just realizing that sharpening is a pain helps me not to be so worried about it and to focus on how exceptional it is. The thing is, I would never purchase something that is this difficult to sharpen if it were not for how wonderful it is, so that tells you something! Also, it is pretty easy on the pocketbook, especially compared to the Anastasia products.

By far, the Caruso Molecular system is my favorite hair setting system. I have used it for years, pampering myself with a new set every few years. The particular product featured here is very convenient as a travel kit. But, even if you have an older set, this set is easier to travel with than it looks. Simply package up the curlers into a gallon size zipper plastic bag and place the dry steam unit into a small plastic bag and pack it in your suitcase. Remember, you do not need all of the curlers you own when you are traveling. With this set, you can always curl a few sections of hair, take the curlers out, and then curl the next sections, with barely any time added to your overall prep time.

But, wait.. What is this thing? Ok, I started telling you about the traveling portion before telling you about the product. This system is a steam system where hot steam is streamed into the curler (one at a time) and that hot steam roller is then placed in your hair with a protective covering to seal in the steam, setting your hair perfectly. As soon as the curler cools, it is ready to be removed from your hair. This means that to make it work, you need to move quickly between the removal of the curler from the unit and successful placement in your hair.

The most effective, easy-to-use, fastest way to get fabulous curls! Less damage to the hair than those curling irons and hairspray!

Personally, I use a set of pink (doesn’t have to be pink, it is just a fun color) garden gloves so that I don’t burn my hand. Most sets come with some gloves, but I prefer the thicker gloves, but then my hands are more sensitive to heat. You don’t necessarily have to have gloves, it isn’t really hot enough to burn you or anything, but I like to have gloves as I can move faster. If you put your hands directly over the steam it doesn’t feel really good, which is where the gloves come in handy. I did not remove any points for that, in this review, because, uh, it’s steam! You can’t purchase a steam unit and then expect it to not act like steam.

The reason I really like this system is that it provides a nice flowing curl look. Depending on the curlers that are used, you can create a tight curly look or a long flowing look. I also love to purchase extra rollers.

Looking for an exotic new fragrance to wear to this spring? Want a fragrance that is sweet, clean and invigoration? How about Marc Jacob’s Dot? Marc Jacob’s Dot is a very light, floral, and fruity fragrance. This delicate eau de parfum is filled with the essence of a fresh, spring or summer day. Dot is a very lively and energetic scent, characterized its unique blend of sweet, fresh berries and floral scents such as jasmine.

Are your bored by a traditional perfume bottles and looking for a perfume that not only smells great, but is also a work of art? The bottle of Mac Jacob’s dot perfume has a very unique and intricate design. It looks like a very whimsical, and artistic cross between a ladybug and butterfly. Its round ruby-red bottle  also has no sharp edges, and just like the name of the perfume suggests, it is covered in dots. The scent is very invigorating, scrumptious and tantalizing. Vibrant, vivacious,  mellow, and crisp and summery. Bright and cheerful. The fragrance contains the fun and exotic scents of dragonfruit, coconut, and jasmine. It also has the sweet and fruity fragrances of orange blossom, red berries and honeysuckle. Lastly, there is also the warm and subtle, scents of vanilla, musk and driftwood. This is a very youthful and fun fragrance. Though it has a sweet and fruity scent, it also maintains a nice balance of maturity with its floral ingredients, that keep it from being too overly sugary sweet. This fragrance might be an ideal perfume for someone who is in their teens or twenties. But since this high-quality fragrance from Marc Jacobs  is very light and crisp, and not too obnoxiously sweet it could also be suitable for most anyone to wear.

The scent of Marc Jacob’s Dot is distinct and fragrant without being too overwhelmingly strong. It would  make a great choice for everyday use, whether you are at the office, enjoying a picnic in the park, or just going to school.  Dot by Marc Jacobs would be a great fragrance to wear in the daytime during the spring months and perhaps even into the warm months of summer as well.

It is March, a month dedicated to the color green, from green shamrocks to green leprechauns. But the color green is not just for Saint Patrick’s Day enthusiasts, the fashion industry also become more involved with the color green as well. Over the past couple of years the fashion industry has become more dedicated to making more natural and eco-friendly products. Some fashion companies have found innovative ways to “go green ” these days, by making small changes in the production of their clothing, and ultimately making great changes to improve the environment.




Organic Cotton

Some companies are making changes such as using more organic, and natural fabrics. A few companies these days are already manufacturing clothes from organic cotton. Why organic cotton? Although, you might think that cotton is already natural, is has been known to be grown with harmful pesticides and chemical or synthetic fertilizers, which are harmful to the environment. According to the Organic Trade Association organic cotton farmers do not use harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides, to grow their cotton. Organic cotton farmers also remove weeds by hand, instead of using harmful chemicals making organic cotton more environmentally friendly. You can find organic cotton as the fabric in many articles of clothing such as T-shirts, pants, and dresses.


Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics and fabrics that come from nature or are made in a natural and more environmentally friendly way. According to an interview by New York Times some companies such as Perry Ellis International are going green, by using organic cotton and even sometimes using materials from coconuts in some of their garments. There are even companies such as H&M that have a collection dedicated to eco-friendly fashion, called the “Conscious Collection.”   This collection has clothes that are made from natural material such as hemp, organic cotton, wool, TENCEL® and recycled polyester polyamide.


Water Saving Jeans

Water is another precious resource, and some companies are making changes to conserve this precious natural resource. Brands such Levi’s® even inventing ways to save water. They have invented jeans that use much less water to create than regular jeans. According to Levi’s® their Water<Less™  Jeans ™ use 96% less water to create. In addition,  Levi’s® says that in making their  Water<Less Jeans™ they have saved 172 million litters of water.


Going green can be helpful to save precious resources, and help the environment. With a few small changes to way that certain clothing is produced and manufactured can make a big difference in the environment. From saving water, to preventing the need of harmful pesticides, or just finding alternate material to make clothing from, the fashion industry still as all the creativity and inquiniety that we have grown to love, without having to damage the environment and deplete valuable resource