5 Secrets To Safe Hair Straightening

Hair straighteners are one of the best investments women can add to their arsenal of hair styling tools. Versatile and powerful, hair straighteners can transform the most unruly strands into cascades of silky, flowing locks that suit any look or occasion. That’s why a lot of people consider these magic wands as every girl’s and stylist’s best friend.

Nevertheless, as much as women want to achieve frizz-free, sleek tresses every day, the dangers that long-term use of heated hair styling tools can cause are dreadful, as they are the very things that women of all ages have been trying to evade. But fret not; this doesn’t mean you have to kiss your trusty hair straightener goodbye. With the right tools and practices, it’s still possible to style and save your strands at the same time. And we’ll teach you how you can achieve both.

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Here’s how to keep your hair sleek, straight and gorgeous without frying them:

  1. Use the right hair straightener – Safe hair straightening starts with choosing the right tool because, as experts say, not all hair straighteners are created equal. There are cheaper straighteners that produce poor and unsatisfying results; there are average straighteners that work okay, and then there are excellent straighteners that create impeccable strands. And obviously, you should be using the latter. Hair straighteners from trusted brands, such as ghd, Babyliss and WAHL, have always been known to be sturdier and more reliable, which is why investing in one would be a good idea.
  2. Prep hair before straightening – Before letting your hair straightener work its magic on your locks, make sure to prep your hair properly first. This includes washing your mane with volumising shampoo (for fine hair) or smoothing shampoo (for thick and coarse hair), deep conditioning, de-tangling the strands gently, and applying heat protection serum or spray.
  3. Adjust the temperature settings – Most hair straighteners today now come with adjustable temperature settings. Whilst a hot iron may help you achieve pin-straight locks faster, it’s not advisable to use excessive heat as it actually makes the strands susceptible to frizz, splitting, and damage. Thus, make sure you control and use the lowest setting possible when styling your hair to prevent heat damage.
  4. Don’t iron if the strands are still wet – Wet strands and hair straighteners definitely do not make a good combination. Imagine all the smoke and sizzle that appears when you cook bacon—that’s what happens to your wet hair when you use a straightener on it. Ironing wet strands will not only dry your tresses, it will also surely cook it. So, next time, do your locks a big favour and let the hair dryer do its work instead or go au naturel by air-drying.
  5. Practise proper hair straightening techniques – Whilst constantly visiting your hairdresser to give your strands the right hair styling treat may sound appealing, it’s not always an option for everyone. That’s why learning how to properly straighten your hair at home is essential and would come in handy.

Here are a few techniques you should bear in mind:

  • Divide the hair into sections using a barrette. This will ensure that there is an even distribution of heat for each strand.
  • Start with the section of the hair at the back of your head; work quickly from the bottom then upward.
  • Let the iron glide down smoothly to straighten your strands, don’t pull or drag it.
  • Don’t go over the same section of hair more than four or five times as subjecting it to heat may cause further frizz.
  • Finish it off by applying shine spray or serum.

It’s no secret that frequent and improper use of hair straighteners, or any heated hair styling tools for that matter, can cause damage to your beloved locks. But you need not put up with it. With the right hair straightener, responsible use and following the tips we’ve shared, maintaining straight and healthy hair is definitely possible.

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      thank you, glad you like the hair in the photos. =)

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    How beautiful it is. Your guide is easy to follow. Last time, I burned my hair because of too high temperature. Thanks for sharing!

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