Feeding Your Hair What It Really Craves – Organic Thermal Pro

Recently it was recommended that I check out this product, by the folks at OrganicThermalPro.com, called “organic heat protectant spray.”

I’m impressed. Granted, my review of the product is based on the website and the research that is presented on the website, but I’m not new to the game, either.

First, what is Organic Thermal Pro?

Organic Thermal Pro is an all-natural product that can be used on your hair to help restore it to its natural beauty. Let’s face it, with all of the heat and chemicals that we add to our hair, we don’t come out with the most natural, stress-free hair when we are done. However, we often feel inclined to get that next perm, color our hair, use the pro-level (extra hot) curling iron or straightener… and the list can grow quick long… But, it comes with a price and that price is paid by our hair.


My Background

I have been known to color my hair 😉 I also decided to add a couple of perms. At points, I felt like my head of hair was like straw pieces crying out for moisture. For me, I tried olive oil. It didn’t soften my hair, but it can get tricky. When I reviewed the products that are contained in Organic Thermal Pro, it makes sense, based on my experience how this would really nurture the hair. We aren’t talking chemicals, we are talking the very nutrients that our hair craves and needs.

The Mission Statement

After reading about the founder and CEO, Nicole, I am very impressed by how she states her mission statement:

“My mission is simple: To create affordable, effective, 100% organic hair care products.”

So many places have high-priced products that may or may not be better than hair products that are 75% cheaper. Mind you, we are not looking for “cheap,” but there have been companies who have raised their prices for the illusion of higher quality soley on the price.

In this case, it is comforting that the founder herself states that she wants to help you, but not empty your bank account.

In Conclusion

It’s time for me to order this Organic Thermal Pro product for MY hair! Will you join me?

P.S. Before I go, here are a couple other sites that I recently found and you may want to visit:

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