The State Of Beauty: American States With The Best Looking People

Every state in America has its own pride. Whether it’s the most passionate sports fans, the most fun outdoor adventures, or the tastiest milkshake – we all want to see our home at the top of the list. Chances are, you’ve clicked a few of these stories before, hoping to see how your home state or city ranked amongst the rest and chances are, you’ve been disappointed. Brace yourself. The results are in, and this time it’s not pretty. See where your home state ranks amongst the best looking in America.

1. Texas

When the stars at night are big and bright, the Lone Star state seriously shines. With the most placers on Travel & Leisure’s Most Attractive U.S. Cities list, the big southern boss takes the cake. So what is it? The dry warm air or the southern pride? Possibly, but the reason may take root even further down. As it turns out, hair transplants in Houston have been proven more successful than in many other American cities. Add that to the bright southern sun and plenty of outdoor activity, and metropolitan areas like Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Houston are fitter, tanner, and better looking than their counterparts.

2. California

We admit, we expected to see this state at number one, but it seems as though the wholesome Texas lifestyle might beat out the laid-back San Diego breeze. With all her starlets, Los Angeles is among the top for the cities, and the balmy beach weather seemingly necessitates tan, toned bodies. Northern California’s San Francisco ranks third of three in the state, but still helps the cause with a health-conscious crowd and lots of biking.

3. Tennessee

The charming home of country music, Nashville clocks in at number 6 on the list, undoubtedly boosting its points with a honky-tonking style. The big college towns across the state keep the average age low in comparison, while the other booming metro of Memphis landed just outside the top 25. How do they do it with all that sweet tea and barbecue? They dance a lot! Tennessee has some of the most popular spots for line and square dancing. So grab that partner, do-si-do and join the party.

4. Georgia

Talk about southern charm. The sleepy Spanish moss, grand columned buildings, lamp-post cobblestone streets – oh yes, and the people are pretty too. Savannah ranks at number 8 for most attractive cities among voters, helping out its cause big time with a first-place finish in best southern drawl. Not too far behind is the bigger, louder Atlanta with plenty of nightclubs and open-air cafes to keep everyone doing double-takes.

5. Florida

Possibly the most diametrically-opposed states in more ways than one, Florida was carried by MVP Miami, which notched first-place honors in T&L’s annual reader poll. The beaches, the night scene, the vibrant and colorful lifestyle – it all adds up to gorgeous people that simply love to have fun. Outside of Miami, the beach and sunshine rule once again – demanding fit bodies and tan skin, while supplying a healthy amount of vitamin D.

Where it All Counts

Clearly, warm weather helps when encouraging physical fitness, and sunshine works wonders for a pale face. But when we visit the Lone Star State, the difference in looks goes beyond skin-deep. The subconscious attraction to a fuller head of hair gives a major boost to Texans, seeing as many have hair transplants in Houston and other cities are not only very popular – they are very successful. Just ask the voters from this poll.

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  • Lynell Bumpas Oct 19, 2013 @ 4:18

    But I see a lot of beautiful people everywhere. They’re many a plenty and come from different places.

    • Marisa Oct 19, 2013 @ 19:43

      Yes, you are very correct, there are very beautiful people in each and every state, and every country too. =)

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