The Three Most Important Rules Of Accessorising Your Outfit.

Anyone with great style knows how important accessorizing an outfit is. Some experts consider accessorizing to be a form of art which involves a great deal of creativity. Accessories are a great way to change the look of an outfit without having to spend excessive amounts of money. By teaming the same outfit with different accessories, a completely new look can be achieved. If you’re ever strapped for cash, mixing and matching your accessories with your existing clothes is the perfect way to create a brand new outfit with minimal effort.

Shoes and bags make all of the difference

If you wear plain clothing, accessories can be used to style the outfit up and transform your look. However, on the other hand, if you have a fabulous outfit and team it with cheap looking shoes and bags, your otherwise beautiful outfit will be completely ruined. If you have any money to invest in your wardrobe, spending it on decent quality shoes and bags is the way to go. You don’t necessarily have to go all out and spend your money in designer stores, however, decent quality high street shoes and bags make a great investment. Remember that high street sales are the ideal place to look. You may have noticed that celebrities always manage to look stylish, even when they’re only wearing jeans and a t-shirt. This is because they usually have a decent quality bag and pair of shoes to transform their outfit.

Embrace coloured accessories

Getting accessories right is all about balance. The color of your accessories has a huge impact on your look. If you’re wearing an outfit that is mainly black, teaming it with bright purple accessories can brighten up your look. If you team black with even more black, you may look a little too dark. On the other hand, too much white can be excessive too. No matter what color you wear, choosing all of your accessories in exactly the same color is not recommended. Wearing accessories that match does not mean wearing accessories of the same color. Your accessories can match each other and match your outfit without being identical.

Getting the balance just right

Overdoing accessories can be far worse than not wearing enough. It is important to achieve a good balance of accessories without looking like you’ve made no effort, or that you’ve made too much. Too many accessories can look tacky, cheap and like you’ve tried too hard. As a rule, if you’re wearing sparkly clothing, avoid sparkly jewelry. When your clothing is busy, your jewelry should be kept simple, a bracelet would be plenty on this occasion. When it comes to your shoes, plain shoes compliment glittery or patterned dresses, such as nude heels. If you want to wear accessories that are bold and make a statement, wear them with simple clothes. This makes the accessories stand out more, without looking over the top. For example, glittery shoes compliment smart jeans or a plain dress.

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