12+ Essential Items for Your Makeup Bag

Many of us already know what we carry in our makeup bag (or loosely in our purses) and know what is important to us. Recently, I chatted with Lisa Gibson, Hollywood Studio Makeup Artist and asked her what she carries in her makeup bag and what she recommends. Her list surprised me. Many of the [...]

Tips On Starting Your Own Beauty Business

Beauty is one of those industries that is always likely to be valued in spite of the struggle many sectors are experiencing in the wake of the recession. If you are a skilled beautician then your talent is always likely to be in demand. Even in financially uncertain times, people want to look their best and enjoy investing in their appearance.
A lot of beauticians dream of being able to strike out on their own. This is something that seems really daunting but it’s definitely worth exploring if you have a skill and you want to take it further. Working for yourself can be incredibly rewarding and it is certainly a good option if you need to fit work around your life, your children, your other pursuits and concerns.
So what do you need in order to prepare yourself for striking out on your own?
Go mobile
Perhaps the first step is to take your talent out on the road. It’s really hard to set up an independent beauty business if you are not able to get around. One of the real advantages to your customers using your service instead of going to a shop is the fact that you can visit them at home. Consider what you can do about your travel arrangements in the crucial early stages.
Market yourself
These days you can actually market yourself incredibly cheaply through social media. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are perfect for sharing information about the services you provide and the promotions you are prepared to offer from time to time in order to secure more work. People can also post feedback and interact with you via these channels.
The crucial thing to remember here is that these are your business accounts not your personal accounts and you need to conduct yourself really professionally on them. Never let them stagnate because people may think you’ve stopped offering your service.
Use your contacts
In the early stages, you absolutely have to use your contacts to get ahead. You must tell all your family and friends about what you’re doing and get them

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Eyebrows

Shaping eyebrows can be a difficult task, and it’s not always easy to achieve the look you want. This season fashion is not just about getting the right clothing, makeup is a huge part of creating a look that is no trend. This year eyebrows are being focused on more than ever. They are the defining characteristic of any woman’s face. The slightest miscalculation can lead to a catastrophic disaster that you end up regretting. It’s truly not as hard as one would think. All you have to do take into consideration these three things: the shape of your face, the length from the edge of the nose