An Overview of My Blog Guest’s Fine, Functional and Fabulous Features

What Is My Blog Guest?

My Blog Guest is social platform where publishers and authors are able to network and collaborate. There are many benefits to both the author and publishers, along with several special features that make the process of working with a publisher or guest author easier.

My Blog Guest

Pros For The Publisher

  • They can receive articles from guest authors
  • Their audience benefit since there is plenty of fascinating new posts for their readers to read. You can learn more by taking a look at some of the success with My Blog Guest that I’ve had this past year publishing guest articles.

Pros For The Author

  • Exposure, by guest writing you build brand or reputation as an author. You can appear to be more credible and authoritative if you’ve had the chance to work with highly influential publishers in your niche.
  • Often times in the author byline, or body paragraphs you can place a link back to your site of choice, just as long as the link it is relevant to the article. Be sure to take a look at some of the guest articles that have been published on this blog for examples.

Using Some Of The Nifty My Blog Guest Features

You can access My Blog Guest two different ways. One way is going sight to the site, and other is using the MBG WordPress plugin, which you can use to send articles to publishers, view articles in galley and place offers on articles from your WordPress dashboard.

If you are a publisher using the My Blog Guest you can simply go under article gallery and search by a topic, or keywords. For example if I were to own a blog about food, I might type and search for articles with keywords such, “cooking”, “recipes”, “meal planning” etc… by doing so you would be able to narrow down the number of articles, so that you only have to sift through and chose the articles that would be relevant to my blog. Once you find an article you like you can go and place an offer, and if the author accepts then I can then publish the article on the blog.

If you are an author and you’ve written an awesome article you can put in the article gallery, where publishers can search and find your article. I’d like to think of it like publishers are a talent agency and the articles in the gallery are just waiting to be “discovered.” If you are author placing your article in the gallery gives it more exposure to publishers who will scout for cool articles that they think their audience will enjoy reading. Once a publisher approaches you showing interest, you the author are able to choose which blog is able to publish your article.

For publishers one more really cool feature is the ability to preview article, you can view a little snippet of the article, view word count as well as be able to see if the article comes with any attached media. In addition, you can see how many offers that article already has, so you are able to gauge about how much competition you’ll have for that article.

My Blog Guest

More Fun and Fantastic Features

The profile: You are able to click on the author’s or publisher’s profile and see their social media profiles (I find this very useful when I want to include them when you share the finished article).

Email: You are able to privately message others that you are working with, to make sure you are both on the same page. Both the author and the publisher can privately note anything that needs to be changed or edited.

A Rating System: After you work with an author or publishers you are able to give them either a thumbs up, or a thumbs down. Along with leaving them a little comment. (don’t worry they are anonymous). I find reading the ratings to be extremely helpful when working with an author for the very first time. Seeing what others have said is extremely helpful so I have an idea of what to except.

So What Are You Waiting For Here?

It is free to become a member of My Blog Guest. If you are a publisher you can request articles and publish articles for free. Recently My Blog Guest has even added an infographic and ebook gallery, so there are even more high-quality content that you can publish. If you are an author can send articles to publishers, or use the forum and state that you are looking for a guest blogging opportunity. However, if you want more exposure as an author, you can upgrade your membership to include posting in the article gallery. If you are a superb author you could be placed in the elite article gallery, which makes you more desirable to publishers. No matter if you are a publisher and or an author My Blog Guest has a plethora of helpful features that make your experience with guest blogging more efficient for both the author and publisher.

About the author: Model, social media junkie, beauty and fashion blogger, and makeup enthusiast.

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