Chantecaille “The Evening” Duo Review

If you are spending a lot of time rushing from parties and events you probably know that a little compact is one of the most important investments that a woman can carry with her.  A compact is so important to have with you, since you never know when you might need a little touch up (or get a last minute party invite and find yourself  applying your makeup in the backseat of a taxi).  However, some compacts are little large,  and you just might find yourself luging around unnecessary items. If your eyes are your favorite feature and you really want to enhance then consider an eyeliner and eyeshadow duo that is small enough to fit in your pocket,  like Chantecaille The Evening Duo that would be perfect for like the name suggests,  an evening on the town.

Chantecaille Evening Duo: 1x Eye Lid Shade Eyeshadow  1x Eye Liner Shade Eyeshadow  2x Applicator 3.5g/0.122oz

What is inside this Chantecaille  duo? One eyeliner, one eyeshadow and two brushes.

Inside this dynamic  eyeshadow duo there is one shade of eyeshadow, that comes in a shimmery, earthy light brown shade. Why an earth-toned, shade? Perhaps this shade was included in this duo since earth tones can be almost universally flattering, to most eye colors. In addition wearing a neutral shade is timelessly classic and is not likely to clash with whichever outfit you chose to wear.  You can use this Chantecaille  duo again and again for most events you attend and with most outfits that you wear.

Accompanying the one shade of eyeshadow there is also a dark, highly – pigmented black  eyeliner. Together these two make a perfect the perfect couple, each nicely contrasting each other to make you pair of eyes pop, for those special evenings out on the town. The eyeshadow and the eyeliner work in tandem to give you a stunning look that is chic and bold, without going over the top. This duo of eyeshadow and eyeliner creates a sultry and dramatic finished look that oozes both elegance and mystery.

Now fear not, you don’t have ever use you fingers to apply this classy shade of shadow or eyeliner. Inside this little compact duo there is two very special brushes. One for applying eyeshadow to your lids and one for applying eyeliner.  Once you are done applying the shadow and liner there is even a nice little slot for storing the brushes.

In addition to the two brushes there is even a mirror included in this duo, so you really can apply your makeup when  you are on the go, no matter wear you are.  No powder room necessary.  Making this duo by Chantecaille perfect for stashing in your clutch for when you need to take a moment to do a touch up before a picture, to ensure that your makeup looks flawless and spectacular.

This little pair of complementary eyeshadow and eyeliner duo,  is compact enough that you could easily take it with no matter where you go, whether is be an  out on  town, or swanky evening gala. Since this duo has a that is adorned with  glimmering rhinestones making it quite glamourous, it can’t help but draw attention to itself, as it makes quite the fashion statement. So much so that it would be perhaps be a shame to hide such a fabulous case in purse or clutch for the evening, when you could be proudly displaying your tiny and chic duo to guests at parties.


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  • David Ryan May 17, 2014 @ 0:05

    Where can I buy it?

    • Marisa May 20, 2014 @ 20:09

      You can buy the Chantecaillie “The Evening Duo” online at Hope this helpful, have a wonderful day!

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