Caruso Curlers: The Wonder Set for Flowing Curls (Review)

By far, the Caruso Molecular system is my favorite hair setting system. I have used it for years, pampering myself with a new set every few years. The particular product featured here is very convenient as a travel kit. But, even if you have an older set, this set is easier to travel with than it looks. Simply package up the curlers into a gallon size zipper plastic bag and place the dry steam unit into a small plastic bag and pack it in your suitcase. Remember, you do not need all of the curlers you own when you are traveling. With this set, you can always curl a few sections of hair, take the curlers out, and then curl the next sections, with barely any time added to your overall prep time.

But, wait.. What is this thing? Ok, I started telling you about the traveling portion before telling you about the product. This system is a steam system where hot steam is streamed into the curler (one at a time) and that hot steam roller is then placed in your hair with a protective covering to seal in the steam, setting your hair perfectly. As soon as the curler cools, it is ready to be removed from your hair. This means that to make it work, you need to move quickly between the removal of the curler from the unit and successful placement in your hair.

The most effective, easy-to-use, fastest way to get fabulous curls! Less damage to the hair than those curling irons and hairspray!

Personally, I use a set of pink (doesn’t have to be pink, it is just a fun color) garden gloves so that I don’t burn my hand. Most sets come with some gloves, but I prefer the thicker gloves, but then my hands are more sensitive to heat. You don’t necessarily have to have gloves, it isn’t really hot enough to burn you or anything, but I like to have gloves as I can move faster. If you put your hands directly over the steam it doesn’t feel really good, which is where the gloves come in handy. I did not remove any points for that, in this review, because, uh, it’s steam! You can’t purchase a steam unit and then expect it to not act like steam.

The reason I really like this system is that it provides a nice flowing curl look. Depending on the curlers that are used, you can create a tight curly look or a long flowing look. I also love to purchase extra rollers.

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