Review: Marc Jacob’s Dot Perfume

Looking for an exotic new fragrance to wear to this spring? Want a fragrance that is sweet, clean and invigoration? How about Marc Jacob’s Dot? Marc Jacob’s Dot is a very light, floral, and fruity fragrance. This delicate eau de parfum is filled with the essence of a fresh, spring or summer day. Dot is a very lively and energetic scent, characterized its unique blend of sweet, fresh berries and floral scents such as jasmine.

Are your bored by a traditional perfume bottles and looking for a perfume that not only smells great, but is also a work of art? The bottle of Mac Jacob’s dot perfume has a very unique and intricate design. It looks like a very whimsical, and artistic cross between a ladybug and butterfly. Its round ruby-red bottle  also has no sharp edges, and just like the name of the perfume suggests, it is covered in dots. The scent is very invigorating, scrumptious and tantalizing. Vibrant, vivacious,  mellow, and crisp and summery. Bright and cheerful. The fragrance contains the fun and exotic scents of dragonfruit, coconut, and jasmine. It also has the sweet and fruity fragrances of orange blossom, red berries and honeysuckle. Lastly, there is also the warm and subtle, scents of vanilla, musk and driftwood. This is a very youthful and fun fragrance. Though it has a sweet and fruity scent, it also maintains a nice balance of maturity with its floral ingredients, that keep it from being too overly sugary sweet. This fragrance might be an ideal perfume for someone who is in their teens or twenties. But since this high-quality fragrance from Marc Jacobs  is very light and crisp, and not too obnoxiously sweet it could also be suitable for most anyone to wear.

The scent of Marc Jacob’s Dot is distinct and fragrant without being too overwhelmingly strong. It would  make a great choice for everyday use, whether you are at the office, enjoying a picnic in the park, or just going to school.  Dot by Marc Jacobs would be a great fragrance to wear in the daytime during the spring months and perhaps even into the warm months of summer as well.

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  • Andy Bland Apr 16, 2014 @ 0:49

    Oooh. I want this perfume!

    • Marisa Apr 18, 2014 @ 11:18

      Hi Andy that is great, glad the perfume sounds great to you. Dot by Marc Jacobs is truly amazing!

  • David Ryan Jan 15, 2015 @ 12:51

    I hope it smells good.

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