High Heel Help: Tips To Prevent More Pain

You love your high heel shoes, but you don’t probably don’t love the pain that comes along with wearing them. Don’t worry you don’t have to give up wearing your favorite pair of heels, if you know a few tricks to making wearing high-heels shoes more comfortable.



Make Sure They Are in the Correct Size.

Getting the right pair of heels that fit properly can be so crucial to the comfort of you feet. You can cause yourself a lot of pain if wear the wrong size shoe. If the shoe is too small, it can painfully squeeze and pinch your feet. If the shoe it is too big, the shoes will not properly fit your feet the way it was intended, which can make walking difficult and very uncomfortable. Be selective when shoe shopping. Try on lots of shoes to make sure the fit properly before you purchase the shoes. Also check to make sure that the shoes are not mislabeled.


Break in Your Shoes

When you buy a new pair of shoes try wearing them around the house, doing so you helps the shoes to mold to shape of your feet. Wearing your new shoes around the house for a little while, can help you adjust to the shape and feel of the shoes so they can be more comfortable when you go out in public. Try wearing walking with them on different surfaces too, such as tile, carpet, hardwood. The more you practice getting the feel of what the wearing the particular shoe in the comfort of you own home the, the better you can adjust to gracefully wear them in public. Also giving you shoes a “test-drive” at home can help you assess if a particular pair of heels is going to give you an unbearable amount of pain, before you find yourself in a situation where you must be standing in those shoes for the entire day.


Use Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts can to help take some of the pressure and tension off your feet. Some are made of a gel, others are made of a soft, squishy fabric that is like a cushion for your feet. Either of the two are more comfortable, than the often hard inside sole of many high heel shoes, especially when you are doing lots of walking or standing.


Prevent Blisters and Chaffing

Using a bandage, your can create a buffer, from the constant friction, on certain areas of your feet. You can place the bandage on places such as the back of your heels, the areas around your toes, or any place that your shoes may cause you painful chaffing and blisters.


Take a Break

If are walking a lot and your feet begin to ache, try to get some time to sit down, and rest your tired feet.  You can also use this time to gently stretch your feet. At the end of the day you can let your tired feet soak in nice warm foot bath, or you could take a trip to your salon or spa to get a soothing foot massage, to help those tired and tense muscles relax.


Practice Makes Perfect

Wearing high heels is a skill that takes time and practice. It can be sometimes less painful if the muscles in your feet are strong. Practicing exercises such dancing can really help you build strength in places such as your feet and anklets, as well as help with your coordination and balance. Remember, it takes time to get used to wearing heels. Start with wearing a small heel and work your way up until you feel that you are comfortable to strut around in your sky-high stilettos.




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  • Penelope Smith Jan 28, 2019 @ 19:51

    I liked what you said about how you need to break in your shoes before wearing them for long periods of time. It might be smart to aks a podiatrist on how to best break in shoes. Also, they might know a few tricks on how to do it faster.

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