Three Tips for Less Pain While Tweezing

Your eyebrows are often considered one feature that really frames your face They can be crucial to making almost every look, appear polished and spectacular. Generally achieving a fabulous pair of eyebrows requires grooming such as tweezing. However, you probably dislike the pain, that accompanies tweezing. Although often pain is beauty, it doesn’t have to always be painful to tweeze your eyebrows, with a few tips you can still have those, neat, well groomed eyebrows with less pain.



Use a Slanted Tweezer

I can’t stress how much a difference that is makes to switch to a slanted pair of tweezers. For the longest time, I’ve dreaded tweezing my eyebrows since, I was using the tweezers that had that only had the sharp pointed end. Until one day, I tried a pair of slanted tweezers, and let me tell you they make a world of difference They seriously can change your life and your outlook on tweezing. There is a lot less pain. The short, stubby hairs of eyebrows, come out easily without much irritation. Once I gave slanted tweezers a try I noticed there were almost no more little red bumps, where the hairs were yanked by force from my face. Plus because of its slanted end, which is often made of sturdy stainless steel, there is little trouble trying to get a grip, so even the hard to tweeze hairs come out easy as pie.

Billion Dollar Brows Tweezers -

An example of a pair of slanted tweezers. This pair is by Billion Dollar Brows



I’ve found that eyebrows hair come out so much easier, not to mention hurts a lot less, if you try to tweeze them right after a shower (a hot shower preferable). If you don’t feel like taking a shower, a warm wet wash cloth works pretty much just as well(just make sure that it’s not too hot!). If you chose this method, then just let the warm wash cloth sit on your eyebrow area for a few minutes, then you can start tweezing, it seriously hurts a lot less this do it this way as compared to trying to tweeze dry eyebrows.


Ice Cubes

If after you shower (or use a warm wash cloth) and you feel any irritation, an ice cube gently rubbed on the around the eyebrow area, can help take down any redness, and sooth any pain that you might feel during or after you tweeze. Also if you prefer to not take a hot shower, you can prep the area around your eyebrows for tweezing, but rubbing an ice cube around the area, to help moisten the area, and numb and dull any pain you might feel. If you live a hot climate this method might be one that you might find to be quite refreshing.


Over time, I’ve noticed that the more you tweeze the less painful it becomes. If you never have tweezed your eyebrows then you might find that first couple of times can be a bit painful. Although I can’t promise that tweezing your eyebrows will ever be a completely painless experience, hopefully over time you’ll find that you’ll build up a bit of a tolerance towards the pain. But by using some of the tips above, some practice, and using the right pair of tweezers, you mostly likely can help to prevent and alleviate the worst of the potential pain.

Happy Tweezing!

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  • Aurident Mar 5, 2014 @ 1:44

    I mostly use ice cubes to make my eyelid feel a little numb so that I won’t feel the pain.

    • Marisa Mar 5, 2014 @ 12:37

      Hey that is great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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