How Technology Is Changing The Beauty Industry

Everyone wants to look beautiful – inside and out. With a wide variety of
beauty treatments that we have available nowadays, it seems that we have the solution for almost every beauty problem that we might be facing. How about during the early days? Did it cross your mind – what beauty treatments or rituals they had during the times that science and technology have not yet taken its part on beauty and wellness? During the early 40’s, they said that there were a lot of bizarre and weird rituals that people do to be beautiful. Let us name and discover some of them.


Skin Care

A face pack with plastic ice cubes was made before for women who want to have a tighter skin. The face pack was filled with water and thrown into the freezer so the ice will form. Once the water forms into an ice, the mask was then put into a person’s face and will be left for a couple of minutes.

Another one is a suction machine used as a facial cleanser. There were tubes that have tiny glass nozzles and were connected to a vacuum pump that will do the suction. This was used to remove any dirt and make the face smoother. It’s the older version of facial cleansing machines and diamond peeling practices nowadays.

Sun Protection

How about protection from the sun? A Los Angeles inventor designed a sunglass with a nose shield before. The shield really covers the whole nose and looks like a bird’s beak. However, it was used to prevent sunburn and redness during the early days.

Slimming Down

Want to get thinner? During the early days, machines with rollers were being used to massage a person’s body to make it slimmer. The rollers are connected to a chair where the person would sit and then the massaging rollers do the rest. The rollers were made of metals and do a back and forth massage motion to make the body slimmer.

We have seen several slimming belts today, but there were earlier versions of that were used before. It was a long tape-looking cloth that is connected to a vibrating machine and would be tied to a person’s waist. The vibration would then stimulate the muscles, giving the same effect as the slimming belts that we have available today.


How about having dimples? Designed in the late 30’s, there was this thing that people wore around their jaw to help them have dimples. It’s made of springs and two knobs that were pressing against their cheeks and were usually worn during the night while they sleep.


Evidently, we have always been on the search for products or machines that would help us look better. Technology has clearly embarked in this search, thus helping us find the right and easiest way of solving our beauty problems. Nonetheless, we can say that this has not just started recently. Way back before, we have been very intrigued and made alternatives on achieving that supple and beautiful looking faces and body.

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  • Susie Lampman Nov 12, 2013 @ 0:10

    Uh, Photoshop anyone?

    • Marisa Nov 13, 2013 @ 13:06

      Yes, good observation. Photoshop is a type of technology that has changed the beauty industry today.

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