Valentine's Day is the happy time of the year when decorations are all red, white and pink. Glitter-covered paper hearts are everywhere, and the air practically shimmers with fun and excitement. No matter if you are single, married, or in a relationship Valentine's Day can be a fun and exciting time of the year, when everyone wants to feel (and look) fabulous. Here are few simple tips for having a fabulous time enjoying this lovely season.

Recently it was recommended that I check out this product, by the folks at, called “organic heat protectant spray.”

I’m impressed. Granted, my review of the product is based on the website and the research that is presented on the website, but I’m not new to the game, either.

First, what is Organic Thermal Pro?

Organic Thermal Pro is an all-natural product that can be used on your hair to help restore it to its natural beauty. Let’s face it, with all of the heat and chemicals that we add to our hair, we don’t come out with the most natural, stress-free hair when we are done. However, we often feel inclined to get that next perm, color our hair, use the pro-level (extra hot) curling iron or straightener… and the list can grow quick long… But, it comes with a price and that price is paid by our hair. read more

12+ Essential Items for Your Makeup Bag

Many of us already know what we carry in our makeup bag (or loosely in our purses) and know what is important to us. Recently, I chatted with Lisa Gibson, Hollywood Studio Makeup Artist and asked her what she carries in her makeup bag and what she recommends. Her list surprised me. Many of the items were already in my own makeup bag, but there were also some great suggestions to add.

I was expecting to get a list of hot new makeup trends, colors, products, etc. Oh, don’t get me wrong. She has suggestions for those, too, but that is a different article. Instead, Lisa provided a list of helpful tools for the “just in case” moments and items that are tried and true in her business as makeup artist having worked with the celebrities, especially in their times of need. read more

Ralph Lauren Romance is a woman’s fragrance that has a crisp, warm, outdoorsy scent. It is very reminiscent of a cozy, romantic night under the stars. Think soft guitar ballads sung next to an open camp fire, while toasting marshmallows. Think cool, crisp nights snuggled close to your sweetie, as you drift off into a peaceful slummer.

Ralph Lauren Romance Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml/1.7oz

In my opinion I think that this perfume could best be described as a woodsy, yet also faintly floral scent. The perfume has a sweet,  rich, earthy, woodsy fragrance that comes from this perfume’s ingredients such as Oakmoss and Musk. It has as a soft floral scent to it as well. It contains floral bouquet of ingredients such as Day Lily, White Violet, Lotus Flower, Yellow Freesia, Marigold and Sungoddess Rose. It also contains both the invigorating essences of Patchouli, and Chamomile Oil. In addition, this perfume contains a hint of ginger too, which I think gives it a warm and slightly spicy aroma. Together these scents combine to create a soft, comforting, romantic fragrance. read more