Review: Romance Eau De Parfum by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Romance is a woman’s fragrance that has a crisp, warm, outdoorsy scent. It is very reminiscent of a cozy, romantic night under the stars. Think soft guitar ballads sung next to an open camp fire, while toasting marshmallows. Think cool, crisp nights snuggled close to your sweetie, as you drift off into a peaceful slummer.

Ralph Lauren Romance Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml/1.7oz


In my opinion I think that this perfume could best be described as a woodsy, yet also faintly floral scent. The perfume has a sweet,  rich, earthy, woodsy fragrance that comes from this perfume’s ingredients such as Oakmoss and Musk. It has as a soft floral scent to it as well. It contains floral bouquet of ingredients such as Day Lily, White Violet, Lotus Flower, Yellow Freesia, Marigold and Sungoddess Rose. It also contains both the invigorating essences of Patchouli, and Chamomile Oil. In addition, this perfume contains a hint of ginger too, which I think gives it a warm and slightly spicy aroma. Together these scents combine to create a soft, comforting, romantic fragrance.


Because it is such an elegant and sophisticated scent, I would not suggest this be perfume you would wear doing the day. I would rather suggest that this be good perfume to wear in the evening.  This would be a good choice for a cool, breezy evening night. I imagine this as a perfume you would wear on at the end of a carefree summer night, perhaps leisurely reclining on a porch-swing, with your crush with the cool summer breeze flowing through you hair as you gaze up at the stars. The lush green glass cool under your feet,  the crickets chirping in the distance, as you savor every moment of the summer, before work and school start up again the fall. In years to come when you look back fondly on those happy summer days you will be sure to think of the memorable fragrance of  Ralph Lauren’s Romance



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