Top Tips To Make Your Perfume’s Scent Last Longer

Anyone who has ever worn perfume will know how annoying it is when the smell fades after only a short time period. Unfortunately, this often occurs because people just don’t know how to apply their perfumes properly and are also unaware of a number of other tips that can help make their lovely scents last longer.

Applying perfume correctly

If you are a perfume wearer, you will probably apply it on your wrists and on your neck but do you know why you do this? Perfume should always be applied on pulse points, hence why you are applying it onto your wrists and your neck. You apply it on pulse points because your pulse, at each warm and steady beat, helps the perfume’s scent be sent out so you and others around you can smell it.

Other pulse points include:

  • Behind the knees
  • Behind the ears
  • Over the heart
  • Inside the elbow joint
  • Groin

Try to layer scents that complement each other

When you are planning which perfume to wear, if you want the scent to linger, you really have to think about everything from what shower gel and body lotions you’re using to the types of clothes you’re going to wear.

When you want a particular scent to linger, you must choose shower gels and lotions that are in the same fragrance family, otherwise the scent of your perfume may be overpowered by everything else you are putting on your body.

You need to make sure you aren’t clashing scents since this will have a negative effect on the scent of your perfume. Most perfume brands will do shower gel and body lotion variations of their perfumes, so if you use these, instead of any other products, your scent will most definitely stick around longer.

Keep your skin moisturized

Moisturized skin retains scents much longer than dry skin. Therefore in order to make your fragrance last longer on your body; you need to make sure you moisturise regularly. The best way to keep your skin moisturised is to apply body lotion after you come out of the shower. Warm water helps open up your skin’s pores, so if you apply cream directly after drying yourself, your pores will be able to absorb the moisture from the cream. This is also the best time to apply your perfume, since your pores will still be open.

Wear the right scent for the weather

A little known fact about perfume is that it can be affected by the weather. For example, in heat a perfume’s fragrance will be intensified, which means, if your perfume is already strong and you are wearing it in summer, it will be even stronger.

Likewise, if you are wearing a light smelling perfume in winter, the smell will be made even lighter by the cold. Ideally, if you want your scents to last and for you to smell as nice as possible throughout the seasons, you need to wear a lighter smelling fragrance in the summer months and heavier, warmer fragrances throughout the colder months.

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  • Mike Huiwitz Nov 2, 2013 @ 0:50

    Make sure that you’re buying perfume that lasts. Otherwise all your attempts to make it last won’t work

  • Renu Bakshi Jul 20, 2014 @ 9:46

    Very useful tips to make perfume’s scent last longer. I did not know these tips earlier. Will share with my friends…….

    • Deborah Nov 29, 2014 @ 14:14

      Yes, very helpful to keep smelling sweet through the day… and evening. Thanks, Renu.

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