Tips for Mascara Newbies

If you are new to mascara application and find yourself  confused or intimated  by mascara application, fear no more. Mascara application doesn’t have to be a tricky, complicated mess.  With some quick tips, and practice,  you can achieve those thick and lush lashes that you have been wishing for.



The Brush

To start with make sure you open the mascara tube slowly. Do not yank the brush out of its tube. Instead gently untwist the brush from the tube. Remember to always to be gentle with opening and closing the mascara tube, be careful to not “pump” the wand, so that you trap air inside the mascara tube.


Removing Clumps

Depending on the formula of your mascara, your mascara wand might come out of the tube, looking thick and gooey. This can be easily remediated by taking a clean, lash comb and gently running it through the mascara wand. Doing so with prevent your mascara from going on unevenly and looking clumpy, and messy.



Once you have your de-clumped mascara wand, you are ready to apply the mascara to your bare lashes. Take the wand and starting at the root of your top lash line’s lashes take the mascara and wiggle the wand gentle up and down. From the root slowly wiggle your wand out toward the ends of the lashes, slowly coating the entire lash from root to  tip. Since some mascaras can be a bit wet, be very careful not to blink immediately after applying mascara, or else you will end up with little black mascara lines under your eyes. Not mention if you blink right after applying mascara, sometimes you can have the misfortune of getting mascara in your eyes, which really stings.


The Second Layer

After you have allowed the layer of mascara to fully dry, you can move on to the second top layer of mascara to the your top lash line.  Hold your mascara wand up against where your eyelid and eyelash connect. Be careful to not get mascara on your eyelid, it can be a bear to remove. If you are a newbie applying mascara, I would recommend you do your mascara first before applying you shadow or eyeliner. There is nothing more frustrating than completely ruining an almost finished eye look, with a pesky, stray mascara smug. Once you have the wand lined up against the top eyelash root, slowly wiggle the wand from the root to the tip. Again don’t blink, for a few seconds as you allow this second coat to completely dry.


The Final Brush Strokes

Now that  have defined and thickened the top set of lashes, it is time to focus on the petite, baby lashes on your lower lash line.  To enhance the  lower lash line you can use the same mascara that you used on your top lash line, or if you want extra precision you could use a mascara, such as Clinique Bottom Lash mascara,  that has a smaller brush that has lots of short stubby bristles to catch all the delicate, little lashes.  Again like with the top lash line, start at the root, wiggle, and extend out toward the tip of the lash.


A Clinique mascara with a really small brush which is great for defining and enhancing those bottom lashes with precision!
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara – # 01 Black 2ml/0.07oz

Remember even of these tips seem difficult, keep in mind that everyone at one point in their life was a mascara newbie too.  With a little practices and bit of patience you could find yourself able to effortlessly apply mascara.

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  • Shaun Hoobler Oct 29, 2013 @ 6:46

    I remember the first time I applied mascara on my eyes. it smeared. lol

    • Marisa Oct 29, 2013 @ 21:27

      Haha the same thing happened to me, my first try, I looked like just like a raccoon! lol

  • Cailin Nov 13, 2013 @ 20:35

    These are great tips! Personally, I remove clumps while mascara is still wet by opening a safety pin, turning it so the point faces away from my eye, and sweeping gently between the clumped lashes. That way I get beautiful, clean separation and I don’t poke myself in the eye and blind myself!

    • Marisa Nov 14, 2013 @ 11:20

      Thank you. Your comment about not blinding yourself, while using the safety pin made me laugh a bit. hehe. I’d never heard of using a safety pin before, that is great tip!

  • kazelle Nov 20, 2013 @ 9:39

    i really love your blog! There are so many things that you can read. A One-Stop-Beauty-Blog! You are so pretty by the way.

    • Marisa Nov 20, 2013 @ 14:10

      Hi Kazelle, nice to see you here =) Thank you, and thank you again, for all the compliments, I’m glad that you like the blog. =)

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