Top 10 Fashion Accessories For Men

Anyone who knows anything about fashion and style is fully aware that accessories have the power to take a great looking outfit and turn it into an irresistible, unbeatable one.  Without some well-chosen accessories, that outfit can, in turn, look like nothing but a poorly assembled collection of clothes, that aren’t being worn with any vigour, pride, or meaning.

We explored the top 10 fashion accessories for men, so that you can get them into your wardrobe at the earliest opportunity and ensure that they become a central part of your look.

1. A Fashion Ring

The old school of style says that men only wear a ring when they are married, but thankfully we have left that attitude behind. A quality fashion ring – go for something expensive, such as tungsten, rather than stainless steel that will make your hand go a funny colour – will help add a sophisticated edge to your look.

2. Sunglasses

These are an obvious choice in the summer, but when the weather is cold yet sunny there is something enigmatic and attractive about a man in sunglasses.

3. A Quality Scarf

Of course, sunglasses on a cold day are not complete without a great scarf. Go for something vintage, and think fashion more than warmth in order to give your look a real sense of confidence and attitude.

4. Trucker Hats

Avoid anything by New Era, as everyone is wearing them. Instead, go for an unbranded trucker hat or even something carrying a charity message for a unique twist on a popular style.

5. A Bow Tie

When it comes to a traditional tie, it is usually the case that novelty options are a huge no-go area. However, the opposite is true when it comes to a bow tie. Go for the most flamboyant and colourful one you can find, and enjoy.

6. Heritage Jewellery

Go for wooden beads around the wrist and perhaps even some rosaries around the neck, too. If you are looking to be a little more upmarket and sophisticated, give consideration to a tungsten dog tag or pendant.

7. Simple Belt

Leather with a metal buckle, understated, is all you need to know. If you have anything like a ‘Superman’ or ‘Jack Daniels’ on your buckle, it is time to smarten up, grow up, and get with the style times.

8. The Bag

Why is a ‘man bag’ so far down the list? Well, because they are not strictly called ‘man bags’ anymore, because you should already have one. If you need to upgrade, go for a leather satchel or a stylish messenger from Adidas Originals.

9. Braces

Yes, these are still in for men, and all you need to do is choose which colour you like best. Wear them with a skinny fit shirt and jeans, utility boots, and your loudest bow tie from earlier.

10. Designer Wallet

Carrying a wad of cash around doesn’t mean anything unless you have a top end wallet keeping it comfortable. Leather is your only option, and a top brand should always be sought first, just don’t spend so much that you have no money left to put in it!

Adam is an online content writer with a specific interest in men’s fashion, and especially modern accessories such as tungsten jewellery, which is widely available from Mens Tungsten Online as well as a variety of other locations.

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